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Bamboo is an online brokerage service that gives Africans and their wealth managers access to US and global capital markets. We're building Fidelity for Africa!
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Hi Product Hunt! 😊 We’re Richmond and Yanmo, founders of Bamboo!! This is our first PH post! Super excited :D If you’re from an emerging market you might know how hard it is to buy US stocks from your home country. After we both spent months trying (and failing!) to open a US brokerage account from Nigeria, we decided to solve this problem. We built the Bamboo for ourselves and for the millions of Africans with investable income who couldn’t invest in their favorite companies, like Facebook, Apple, Google and Netflix. Interestingly, many of our initial users were high net worth individuals who also wanted access to the markets but didn’t want to pick stocks themselves, so they introduced us to their wealth managers. We have now also built the Bamboo for Managers platform that allows wealth managers to execute trades in real-time and manage multiple portfolios seamlessly. We launched in Nigeria with access to US stocks and ETFs, but we will soon be launching in other African countries and adding loads more products including Bonds, Mutual funds, Derivatives and more. The mobile app is available to Nigerians in the diaspora as well, so if you know any Nigerians who trade the US markets, please tell them to #InvestWithBamboo. If you have any insights into products for financial advisors and individual investors, we’d love to chat. Please leave a comment below 😊
Excited to spread like wildfire especially during these times where we want to hold our assets closer than ever. Thank you for this!
Are you looking at other national stock markets in the near term? Also is the focus on enabling US investment in Africa or the opposite?
@will_allred yes we are and the focus is on both :)