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Author here. I believe Bamboo shines for how easy and fun it is to use. For saving: You don't have to use Bamboo to load web pages. It does not change your reading behavior. Instead, it supports Safari, Instapaper, Pocket, and other apps. You don't have to leave those apps to save your highlights, Bamboo Extension lives right in other apps through the share sheet. For sharing: Bamboo generates a beautiful and shareable image. You can use it on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. For discovering: Browse through Bamboo's Global stream will give you highlights from other interesting content for further reading. --- Special Thanks to everyone for your early feedback. While I immediately see places to improve I already feel so awesome to see Bamboo being used. I want to share with you an early preview version of Bamboo Chrome Extension. We all read on both mobile and desktop. Bamboo would be incomplete without a desktop component. So here you go. I finished coding this in front of Yellowstone Lake at Lake Lodge. It is really a preview. Usage: - To save highlights: Select text; Right click; Save to Bamboo - To see highlights: Your own highlights and popular highlights from other people are automatically loaded Enjoy! Chengyin
What I like about Bamboo is the Bamboo extension. With it, I'm able to highlight and share from any app (I use Safari and Pocket). They also display highlights by others. So you can decide to read the article by the highlights. Something like kindle highlights for webpages.