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Balsamiq Cloud is the industry-leading solution for fast, approachable, collaborative wireframing.

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Hi all. This was the culmination of two years of work, rewriting both our Flash-based editor in JS and taking all we learned from myBalsamiq to build a brand new, modern web app. Any questions, don’t be shy. 😄 I’ll try to reply to all of them.
@peldi Do you plan to have an embed? I would love to provide a Balsamiq integration in Ludus.
@vinch we do plan for it! email me your thoughts at and we’ll chat!
@peldi I have to say that this product looks amazing! I will try it. Be sure to check out our tool, it will be very interesting to you.
Seven years ago, I was working as a Product Manager for a SaaS product. I needed a simple way to sketch out new features and screens. I wanted this for two reasons: first, to test with our customers, and second, to give our team a starting point to iterate from. It was then that I discovered the original Balsamiq. It was a downloadable desktop (Adobe Air?) app, and it changed the way I work. Fast forward to today, and the little company that @peldi founded has just released Balsamiq Cloud. I've been using it for the past month, and it is awesome. It's fast, collaborative, and has some big upgrades from the desktop version (vectors everywhere, bigger canvas). I'm a fan! Congrats to the Balsamiq team for this release! 🙌
@peldi @mijustin Congrats! How did you make it so fast? Which technologies did you guys use?
@shakedko Hi! The frontend is in JS, using a custom framework we made, and SVG and React. Backend is in NodeJS (GraphQL), Redis and MySQL.

This is everything I loved about the original Balsamiq product, but with some big upgrades. Vectors everywhere, bigger canvas, and better team collaboration.


Really fast and collaborative wireframing, with great export options.


Can't think of any!

consequent focused on LowFi at a very high level of a user centric development process. One of my favourite tools since 8 years...


fast, easy, focused


native Desktop app not yet available (work in progess)

Hey while we’re here, I have a question for you! Did you use Balsamiq to wireframe YOUR product? Tell us your story! :)
@peldi Ciao Giacomo, Balsamiq user since 2013 here: I've done a lot of client work with it (and love it), right now I'm wireframing a landing page for Remoteur, my little side project. Big ups for the launch! :)
@peldi Used it for a lot many years and though frequency has reduced now (pen and paper and whiteboard take my time nowadays), I’ve used it virtually at every startup or employment since 2010 (I just searched my mail for a license purchase - it was 2010). Oh and btw, the happiest moment of using Balsamiq was when I discovered a way to get rid of that Comic Sans (was that the default?) font for presentation slides. My reporting manager had just taken a look at some mockups and had said "fine...don't you have something more serious looking?" 😉 (long stories) All the best for Balsamiq Cloud.
@peldi I first started using it back in 2012. It has been a great tool for getting clients to buy into a design without getting bogged down debating colors and such. Congrats on the release of the cloud version.