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Thanks for hunting us, @gillianim! Hey everyone! Amanda here. Co-Founder & CEO of Baloonr. My co-founder, Noah and I founded Baloonr because of a common obstruction we experienced at every job, in every classroom, and on every team. A lot of variables impact when and how people share information, feedback, and ideas when working in a group. People opt-out of participating because they are concerned about what others will think or if there are unfamiliar or more senior group members present in the discussion. Oftentimes, it is a matter of logistics and timing - everyone can’t be talking, sharing, or processing at the same time, or a team might be located all over the globe in different time zones and unable to overcome the cultural and logistical barriers that plague the discussions. Concerns about not receiving credit for your contributions also causes people to hold-back and contribute less in a group setting. When people don’t and can’t contribute, everyone is operating at a loss. We built Baloonr from the ground-up to help groups eliminate dynamics and overcome logistical challenges, making it possible to collect necessary and accurate info. Excited to come out of beta and launch self-service, a Slack integration/bot (BaloonrBot), and iOS app. Look forward to receiving any feedback and here to answer questions! We'll share more throughout the day. Thanks for checking us out - free for teams <10 and 14-day free trial for bigger groups!
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Hi, I'm Raunaq - one of the developers working on Baloonr and leading development on our Slack integration + bot, BaloonrBot. The integration allows you to "Sign In With Slack" and ensures that your entire Slack team is available to participate in the baloonrs (questions/prompts) that you create. BaloonrBot also provides your team with results, notifications, and the ability to start baloonrs, all without having to leave Slack. So you can anonymously (if you want) ask your team questions and get a prioritized top 5 list of information and feedback back (with very high engagement, so you are truly leveraging the wisdom of the crowd).
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Hi All - I'm Co-Founder and CTO of Baloonr. Excited to share more about Baloonr with you. As Amanda mentioned, our app was built from the ground-up on data and research, focused on how to remove bias and get the most and best information and feedback out of a group. We sit at the intersection of surveying + collaboration + diversity/inclusion. We have a simple and flexible flow that allows Baloonr to be used for a wide range of uses cases, inside and outside of organizations, and across diverse industries. Here's how it works: 1. You start a Baloonr, which is a question, prompt, or topic 2. Your invited group goes through an anonymous, bias-free, collaborative process where they launch "baloons," collaborate and build on them, and then vote for those that they support 3. The group is presented with a prioritized list of top information and insights (All content on Baloonr is anonymous, although claimable and trackable.) Excited to see what you think!
@noahbornstein this looks great, love the prioritization list that's presented while anonymized. One of the things often missing in our Slack is having discussions that aren't easy to measure feedback and consensus on, and definitely aren't anonymized. What types of teams do you see benefiting the most from this kind of participation within Slack?
@jakirk42 - Thanks! Exactly - No way to put a question out there and gather information/feedback from a large group, knowing that you have consensus and really understand where people are and what they are thinking. We think that all types of teams would benefit from this kind of participation on Slack. At least on the Slack teams that I'm a part of, the discussions can go on for a while without everyone chiming in and oftentimes, there is no consensus or clear outcome. Baloonr allows you to gather a large amount of information from diverse groups and get it down to a prioritized list. Because of anonymity and several other components that remove bias, you know that people are engaged and able to participate. From project work to product development to discussions re: organizational issues, we see this flow as valuable across the board. You tell the BaloonrBot that you want to start a Baloonr, and they guide you through the rest, ensuring that your team is engaged and you get the information you need.
@noahbornstein Really looking forward to diving in. The great thing with #slack is the instant communication no matter where the team is located. The drawback is the firehose of noise which makes getting consensus and questions answered more difficult. If the new goal of email is Inbox Zero, and the goal of Slack is replacing email, then I'm very excited to see if Baloonr can help keep Slack from becoming overwhelming when it comes to time getting answers!
@jakirk42 @noahbornstein Yes! Keep us posted!
I love this team and their 'ballooning of team ideas'. Some of the nicest and most hardworking peeps. #parententrepreneur #cutebaby #greatideasfloattotop
@nikhil_paul I don't know if it's the 36 hours of no sleep or the onions being cut right next to me, but there is something suddenly in my eyes. #thankyou
Hello folks, I'm Andrew, and I work on the Baloonr iOS app! With the iOS app, you can interact with your team and present your ideas from the comfort of your phone! Here at Baloonr, we try to make giving feedback and sharing ideas accessible, and that means making it easy to collaborate with your team anywhere and at any time! Using the app also means you can choose to receive push notifications straight to your device when something happens, ensuring that you don't miss a beat as you and your team move forward. You can even view a history of your team's Baloonrs, or create new ones if you want to start a discussion with your team while out of the office or away from your desk!