Ballpark Projects

Project management meets time tracking and invoicing

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I used to use Ballpark when I was a freelancer, and it made it extremely easy to track my time, invoice clients, and get paid. It takes a lot of the guesswork out and takes care of tedious business management tasks so you can truly focus on the task at hand. Ballpark is one of those incredible products originally created by MetaLab, and after selling it off last February to a small design team, it was unclear if Ballpark had a future. It's clear now that with this new important feature addition, Ballpark is under great management.
@dja1o Thanks for saying that! We're Simple Focus ( and happy to be taking Ballpark over.
I wrote this about Ballpark Projects yesterday on Medium. It gives my perspective as the business owner on how the idea for this came from the needs of our own growing consulting business:
Ballpark is an awesome tool, but I am still eagerly waiting for them to update their aging user interface...
@nspehler It's coming, Nicolas, it's coming :)
@nspehler I don't know...the post-Basecamp/Web 2.0 UI is one of the things I like about the product, honestly. It's like a snapshot of a particular design ethos at a particular point in time, that may have gone out of style but is no less effective a UI now than it was 10 years ago. Or maybe I'm just sentimental. But I do like it. Glad to hear that Ballpark is in good hands!