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This is from Metalab, the guys that designed Slack.
@charlieirish Flow not Slack I think
@kgdavis @charlieirish Meta Lab built and runs Flow. The consulting side of their business designed Slack originally. They're awesome.
@jdgraffam ah interesting - thanks!
I use Ballpark every day. It's super-handy and one of the easiest things I do to manage my business and look good doing it.
Although it seems like a good product they are in the process of selling it, so it's long term availability could be uncertain: Full disclosure: I started which is in the same space.
@jonathant It's in fine hands now :)
A product like Ballpark is only attractive to buyers who want to acquire the team, not *just* the IP. It's a beautiful app built by a great team - my advice would be to hire a small team and go for an acquhire.
@michaeldick Actually, what happened was a simple asset sale. My company, Simple Focus ( bought the assets for Ballpark from MetaLab and took it over with our own staff. We've been busy at work making it better, too: You should check out the original post about the sale, too:
I used Ballpark back when I was doing freelance work. My major gripe was time tracking — the time reporting interface and how it integrates into an invoice left a lot to be desired (at least for my use case).
@muldster Hey Dave, this is all fixed now! Check it out: