Collaborate w/friends on stories. Discover & follow stories.

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Hi there! We are so excited to be on Product Hunt! The team is here all day ready to answer any questions. Please let us know what you think of the app and how you think we can further improve it! Happy hunting!
Balloon allows users to easily collaborate with friends and organize content on a groundbreaking storytelling and social media platform. This app is different from other social media apps because everything is organized by conversations, not by profiles. This set-up provides you with a clean newsfeed where you have control over what you want to see. Balloon is a stand-alone social media app and the architecture of the platform allows for several powerful things. The ability to: *Collaborate with friends *Easily find all of your content *Control your feed by following and unfollowing balloons Balloon is a social media platform where they are creating the middle ground between the public and private social sharing space.