Ball Wash

Keep the funk off your junk


Ball Wash was formulated with the male anatomy in mind. Our natural wash is comprised of Activated Charcoal & 10+ Essential Oils and Plant Extracts keeping your boys & body smelling great late into the night with a clean fresh scent that doesn’t overpower.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
I've used it. It works.

I like clean junk.


Natural ingredients on my naturals... why not.



I ordered! Let’s see. Love the idea though! Thanks man!
“Activated charcoal trapping toxins and chemicals, drawing up bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and micro-particles...” on/from the skin? This is either incredibly bad and naive UX research or just plain cynical. AC doesn’t work like that outside the organism or soft tissues, given very particular constraints. I’m calling it bullshit sir. Bollocks, actually. 😄