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BalanceViewer is a new way of tracking money. You no longer need to enter all of your expenses. Just enter your current balance once a month to track your progress towards reaching financial goals.
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This is a great take on managing finances. A macro view is always important. nicely done!
Hi @zedsq. Thanks for the feedback. We will have a lot of new features in the future, stay in touch!
Meanwhile, let me tell you why I decided to create this application and it's concept :) It has always been difficult for me to track all petty expenses, such as coffee, a new T-shirt or a haircut. But at the same time, it is very important for me to know how much money I have in each period of time. I used a lot of expense tracking apps, but usually I forgot to add something, and as a result, the actual balance in 99% of cases does not match with balance inside the app, so every month I added the correct results to the money trackers manually. Also, money trackers usually show Expenses / Income, but I wanted to find out how much money I had just last month, and now, to see the difference in the total amount. I did this in Excel, but then the idea came to me to create an application for these purposes without additional functions, so that people can spend only a few minutes a month, but get excellent statistics about their overall financial balance. Do you track all of your expenses daily?
Yes, I keep track of all my expenses!
No, but I'm trying to track down big expenses.
Why should I track anything? :)
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This is looking good. Congratulation on the launch Artem. Is there an Android version in the works by any chance? 😔
Hi @alainpascalr. Thanks you! Right now we are still working on improvements for the iOS version, but in the future we want to create an Android version too!
Hello community, I'm happy to share the app we have been working on during for the last half of the year! With BalanceViewer you can track your money and monitor your progress in just a few minutes every month. You no longer need to enter how much money you have spent on a coffee, new t-shirt or haircut. Simply update your current balance at regular intervals. Select an update frequency that works for you; for example, the 1st day of the month, every Sunday or payday, and track your progress towards meeting your financial goals. USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE • View all your account balances in one place. • Custom lists let you combine accounts. • Graphs track individual accounts, lists and total balance histories. • Reminders ensure you will never forget to update your balance. • Stylish and minimal design. • No registration required. • No ads. MULTI-CURRENCY • Automatic currency conversion into the currency of your choice. • 162 world currencies supported including: USD, EUR & GBP. • Exchange rates updated daily. SYNCHRONIZED & SECURE • Automatic cloud synchronization. • Manage your data on multiple devices via Google or Facebook account. • Protect your data with Passcode, FaceID or TouchID. Please feel free to leave your feedback, it's very important for us to hear your impressions and comments.
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