Mint for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (open beta)

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Dylan Hulser
Dylan Hulser@dhulser · Biz Dev, Ad zerk, Prev: @reddit
Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but after entering my addresses my balances are still 0. Everything looks fine in Coinbase + Moolah, and I verified them with, too. Edit -- Enabled Coinbase and got that taken care of, but looks like dogecoin balance is still 0.
Adam Evers
Adam Evers@adamevers · Builder - Internshipsinsf & Coindera
@wr - where do you pull your price numbers from? Do you pull it from a specific market?
Ian Hirschfeld
Ian HirschfeldMaker@ianhirschfeld · Co-Founder, The Soap Collective
@adamevers We use a mix of,, and to get our market prices and their conversions to fiat currencies.
Calvin Liu
Calvin Liu@cjl49 · EIR, Transmedia Cap. / Founder, Outpour
Have you done any analysis / is there any analysis available on the "average" or range of holdings in a cryptowallet? I used to hold a little Litecoin but sold it, and hold no Dogecoin, and my sense is that very few people will hold a ton of money in LTC or Doge. FWIW I use Coinbase with Mint, and my other big crypto holding is Ripple (XRP) which isn't currently supported on Balances.