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Coinbase in your Mac menubar

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Nice idea, @ricburton! Now if only Coinbase would stay online. 😁
@rrhoover they're hustling! This was a big team effort with @benbaron, @wolffan, @chrisbaroni and a bunch of other helpers.
I use CoinTick to track the price in my menubar. It's lightweight and acts in realtime.
@tarungangwani oh nice I'll check that out.
How do you manage the security related with using a third-party application to access my Coinbase account?
@nickabouzeid we Store the keys on a private server. We'll be open sourcing the code for that. Other than that all the code is open source.
@nickabouzeid That's a great question and I wanted to quickly expand on Richard's answer. When he said we store the keys on our server, he meant our Coinbase API secret key, not individual user access tokens. We only use our server to convert Coinbase OAuth codes to access tokens for storage in the app, and to refresh expired tokens. While that server component is currently closed source, we plan to open source it so you would eventually be able to run your own backend and not use our server at all. Also with Coinbase, they use OAuth2 for connectivity, so when you approve Balance's connection, it shows that it is read only. Each exchange works differently, so we're evaluating each as we implement them, but we never store user balances or transactions on our server regardless of the API according to our privacy policy. In the future we may eventually start collecting anonymized user data to improve the Insights functionality in Balance, but it would be opt-in only.
@benbaron Cool! Excited to play around with it. Thanks for the detailed answer, definitely appreciate it.
nice job, team :)