Balance Manager

See, send & manage the tokens in your Ethereum wallet.

Balance Manager is web app to help you manage the tokens stored in your Ethereum wallet.

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29 Reviews4.8/5
Genuinely impressed! The single click, no account needed web3 always gets me excited. Felt like a very VERY difficult task to trip over in the UX. Ultra intuitive. Really looking forward to this level of design consideration being brought to the further product offering as this grows out. Nice work to the team!
@michaeldunwort1 Thanks man. Working hard to get the next products out the door.
This is so critical to the Ethereum ecosystem right now. We need amazing UX layers like this as we strive to go mainstream.
@lrettig Thank you for taking the data problem seriously! We need amazing data layers like yours to make these products really work.
Next level design and UX considerations. This team is doing great work and this is looking sharp!
@ericfriedman Thanks for all your support Eric <3

Clean design, a great step up from some exisiting wallets


Fluid, clean, very clear. Estimates for transaction speeds! Touches the ethereum protocol.


No mobile wallet (yet)

It shall be done 📱

Balance manager works great for me. Very neat approach to token management, with some great UI from the team (quite missed in the space at this stage). Looking forward to using it quite frequently from now on.


Simple solution to an annoying problem, great UI


Only ethereum ecosystem

We are paying close attention to Lightning ⚡️