Daily email with your Coinbase account balance

Balance pulls your CoinBase wallet balance from the app and sends it to you in a daily email

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Hello all, back with another side project! 🤖🤖🤖 I recently attended the first Hack Mohawk Valley (, in Utica, NY. Although I originally wanted to participate I was asked to be a judge. ⚖️ Rather than just show up and watch the project demos I thought it would be fun to attend and hangout with everyone during the hackathon. I decided to scratch my own itch and build something as well. Like a lot of you I'm into Cryto, and I have a Coinbase account, I was a little surprised they didn't have an option to get an email with your account balance each day. They do have an API that allows you to get this information, so I decided to build it myself. After registering you connect your Coinbase account, Balance only ask for read permissions so your account is safe. Each day at around midnight UTC time, we'll send you an email with the balance of your linked Coinbase accounts. Very simple, but saves me from the hassle (and distraction) of logging into my Coinbase account just to check my balance, especially since I'm not an active trader. HODL! My itch has been scratched, hope you find it useful too! Balance wasn't the only thing I built during the hackathon. I wrote about my hacking:
So simple. This email will induce 😊 or 😱, depending on the market.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan!