No pressure personal project management

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Dray Wharton
  • Dray Wharton
    Dray WhartonPrincipal, Wharton & Co.

    Can't really list any because I can't find the App.


    The App doesn't appear in my App Store. I even searched the extended title.

    I'd like to know how to find this app.

    Dray Wharton has never used this product.
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DesMaker@despreston · Creator of Balance
Hey-- I created Balance because I am usually juggling a few projects at a time but they were second priority to other more important matters in life. To-do list and project management apps were too strict, requiring constant attention and daily updates, or they were way too complicated for what I needed.
Elisa Jo Harkness
Elisa Jo Harkness@eliservescent · Innovation Consultant at FABERNOVEL
I'm sorry this didn't get more attention today - I think the "I got done"/"To do next" approach is fantastic. Best writing advice I ever got was to set yourself up to start on a downward slope - when it's time to stop, keep going with a 1/2 sentence or a bullet point of your next idea, so that when you sit back down again, you have an unfinished thing you can FIX, which is a great way to get warmed up and start your brain working. This seems like a fantastic application of the same principle to more general projects. I'll definitely try it out.
DesMaker@despreston · Creator of Balance
@eliservescent really appreciate the kind words. no worries on the level of attention it has gotten! this was as personal project to begin with that I figured would be benefit a few others :-)
Andie Katschthaler
Andie Katschthaler@thegrumpygirl · Founder, Grumpy Girl Communications
I need this! Apparently, I also need an iPhone :( I understand that, obviously, since it's a personal project you wouldn't build it for Android as well, but it's a damn shame.