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This is such a great idea! All around the world there is a lot of waste from plastic spoons, forks. It seems this is especially a big problem in India. Highly nutritious, comes in plain, sweet and savoury with different flavors... spicy, garlic, ginger. Environmentally friendly, green technology. They ship internationally!
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@kovlex Love love this. 😀 I'm worried we may have given Bakey's the PH traffic hug of death. If above link isn't loading for you, here is an alternative to learn more: https://www.ketto.org/bakeys
@kovlex This is definitely cool. In India, we also get high quality leaf plates (check out "patra plates") which are super eco friendly. There is a US company doing something similar as well- http://www.patraliving.com
@anant_garg @kovlex share as a new product, so, everyone could see.
they can ship 100 for $4 Shelf life of 3 years Once used they will decompose in 3-4 days if you don't want to eat them This is crazy cool
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Hugh backlog at the moment. This guy has been struggling for several years with the product then in the last 2 weeks things have gone crazy awesome for him.
This might be the most impactful product to ever be featured on PH.
@doyoulikesports The fact that it solves a real, non first-world problem is what makes it so awesome. Immense respect to the innovators who made this happen.
This is something that all PH'ers should up-vote. Fantastic product with the potential to help millions of people all over the world.