World's smartest tape measure

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That "size matters" blurt out at the end was a little weird.
Hi everyone! My name is Dave and I'm one of the founding members of @bagel_labs. Thank you for hunting our campaign!! I'll be happy to answer any questions! Thanks :)
How does Bagel perform in string mode on building sites where there is water, mud, fine dust, in direct sunlight? All the KS show the tape being used in indoor environments. I love the idea, practically, even with current tape measures they don't last long, break, get stuck due to the environment we work in. How is bagel better than steel tape measures?
@a12rj Hi Anthony, thank you for some great questions regarding durability. We've used polycarbonate for the casing of Bagel smart tape measure, which makes it much more durable than it looks. We'll have videos of us doing drop tests, running over with a car, etc, so please stay tuned!
So PH is sending me push notifications of pictures...
Love how this combines 3 methods of measuring into one gadget: String, wheel, and laser. So bad ass. NEED.