Your personal date night planner, powered by Foursquare

BaeLife is a webapp & daily newsletter full of ideas on what to cook, what to watch, where to go out, and what to talk about.

It pulls in data from a ton of sources like Foursquare, Rotten Tomatoes, Food52, Spotify, Vox, and more.

The goal is to spend more time enjoying date night, rather than plan it.

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Hi PH! So here's the deal. I built this because about a year ago, I met an amazing girl and now she's Bae. And although we talk a lot, (via snaps, bitmoji, imsg, gchat, email - the works), we still find ourselves in analysis paralysis when date night roles around. Should we go out? Stay in? What would we even cook? Is there anything good on TV tonight? And sometimes we're in her neighborhood and sometimes we're in mine. This isn't a life threatening problem, but it made me think: why can't I use technology to improve my relationship - so I can enjoy my time with Bae, rather than planning it. In other words, I decided to build some #BaeTech. Data comes from a variety of sources, but I think the 4sq integration (hi @dens) is the real coup de grace here. If you link up your 4sq account, it'll use your social graph to find places near you that your friends have liked & you can automagically save venues to a "BaeLife Faves" list for later. In case you're interested, it's a flask app, running on heroku, with lots of little cron jobs & scrapers running in the background.
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@nealrs nice work! (Albeit, 4SQ auth seems broken in Firefox? Whoops!). What about an export to Google Calendar? πŸ˜„
@nealrs πŸ’―. πŸ™ for using Heroku.
@chrismessina Thanks Chris! I'll have to look into firefox. 4sq account linking (if you signed up for 4sq with Facebook) is a little tricky too.
@chadholdorf Heroku has saved my life plenty of times, I also use it a lot for Alexa skills / other Python Hacks That said people - if something breaks for you while using BaeLife - send me a note and I'll try to fix it. (I'm not the world's greatest Python hacker yet!)
During my initial testing & before 4sq integration, the newsletter was sent to both you and Bae - and if one of you unsubscribed, you both were. I figured that way, you could reply to the email and not have to forward it, a small touch, but something i thought was nice (and you'd always be on the same page). It was an interesting experiment, but I like where we're at now.
Hey, @suzywillow! Try this out. I know you have a few Foursquare checkins. πŸ˜‰
@rrhoover I do have over 11,000 Foursquare check ins.... signed up for Baelife. I like that it gives a weather forecast + cooking recipe, new to Netflix & Mood music recommendations. Nice, @nealrs. :)
@rrhoover @suzywillow Awesome, thanks for signing up Suzy! (And wow, I only have 4k checkins since 2009) Please let me know if you've got any ideas / feedback on what I can do better!
Hey, I couldn't resist to upvote! I really loved the idea. Simple, intelligent, effective and somewhat funny. It covers pretty much every type of plan you can do (if your plans are normal and don't involve climbing skyscrappers or taming crocodiles), and also leads to discover together with your Bae new dishes / music / tv shows / etc. πŸ‘ Feature request: could it show the nearest crocodiles to tame?
@angelblan_co crocodiles hunh? I wonder if there's an API for that...
Love this idea! What are the stay in and cook recommendations based on? Is it using any considerations from Foursquare re food preferences (thinking vegetarian, vegan, etc)?
@adeluise Hey Anthony - recipes are from BuzzFeed & Food 52. TV listings are from TV Maze. Playlists from Spotify. Streaming from Netflix. Right now, there are no dietary considerations ~ honestly hadn't even thought about it, but I'll look into that. IMO, the art of a mashup like this is making it configurable, but not a huge mess of checkboxes / forms. Gotta find some balance, let people do some exploring of menus/etc on their own. That said, If someone is a strict vegetarian/vegan, it'd be nice to accommodate that.
Update! 1. BaeLife is now available internationally. 2. I added Hulu & local GrubHub recommendations.