Bae Chat

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Bae Chat provides a rich experience like no other with technological capabilities that include voice messages, images, link sharing, location updates and even learning the user's logic and emotional state, stirring the conversation accordingly. AI and machine learning are used in order to enrich the conversation even more at real time.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
This is interesting, I would probably think of ways to add more free text capabilities to make it feel more real, and also - maybe push the chat a bit upwards as we are used to looking a bit higher in the screen when chatting :)
@itaisagi We're definitely working on adding more free text. As for your suggestion to push the chat higher, that's actually something huge considering the current UX. We'll probably wait for more feedback before we take any action 😊
Android App "Not Found"
@anna_0x Thanks for letting us know about this issue, should be ok now. Please let us know if you have any other issues downloading the app.
@trnd Now it shows up in the Play Store normally, no error, so whatever you did fixed it :)
How does it compare to Replika in term of experience - NLP-wise?
@timleroy Replika is actually very different from Bae Chat. While Replika is NLP oriented, Bae Chat offers the user different answering templates on each interaction response. This way Bae Chat loses points on NLP, but earns points on a more accurate conversation flow, and offers better understanding and learning mechanism from the virtual character of the user making these decisions while chatting. From our point of view and experience, NLP technology is far from perfect and that led us to this decision.
@shani_uritsky I actually find that NLP tech in Replika is quite poor, so if you can top that, I'm all for it! Any plan to port it to iOS soon?
@shani_uritsky @timleroy I'd also like to add that while Replika's chat revolves around the user, with the use of random questions that completely miss out sometimes , Bae Chat has a defined storyline around the virtual character, which advances and may vary according to the user's choices throughout the plot. This also makes Bae Chat a completely different product. iOS version - might take a while, no current plan atm πŸ˜„
Very clean interface, i like it .