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Bacon Makes Everything Better is jam-packed with over 200 kick-ass recipes containing the most godly substance known to man. Bacon. Sure, bacon is also jam-packed with calories, but calories are just happy life points! If you're worried about them, then you aren't scoring high enough. Bacon has the power to end wars, save marriages and even make Soylent palpable. So if you don't eat enough bacon you're basically a bad person. This app helps you be a good person. Easy choice.
So my wife and I for our app business do both client apps and apps for ourselves. our first couple were wine region guides, and we included restaurants in the apps so people who were visiting the region could have suggestions on good places to eat while they were there. And of course we had to try all of the restaurants for ourselves, right? So turns out, reviewing a restaurant like that is a 100% deductible expense. Which then made every trip we made to any wine country "work". So we started doing some recipe apps and a wine pairing guide (which needs to be updated soon). But that meant we needed to make the recipes and pair them with wines. Which is pretty much what we do every night anyway, but now we actually had to take notes. So one day while bored I was doing some random domain name searches (don't judge) and found out that baconmakeseverythingbetter.com was about to expire. So I kept checking back every couple of weeks and eventually it hit Godaddy expired auctions. So I patiently waited until 5 minutes before the auction was going to expire, bid my minimum $12 and it was mine! Which then meant we had to come up with something reasonable to use it for. So here you go - 200 bacon recipes we've made ourselves, with more to come. Today I'm going to be making a jowl bacon breakfast hash. And yes, jowl bacon is a thing. You probably need to buy it from a farmers market (where we get ours) or a specialty meat market. I'll post a picture and recipe later today. Questions, comments or suggestions - send them my way. I'm more likely to see them at the work twitter - @golocalapps. I use @sacbookreviewer here because Ryan wants "personal" accounts only. I'll be on and off all day here as well if anyone wants to discuss bacon. And we did the screenshots using launchkit.io - Thanks to @mulligan and crew for that. And do stop by baconmakeseverythingbetter.com It's going to develop its own content over time, along with (hopefully) community, videos and resources,
I'm vegetarian but I remember bacon and enjoy looking at these photos.
This app would have been perfect for me as I just picked up 3lbs of triple smoked bacon today. Unfortunately, it is for iOS and I have Android. Is there a web version?
@michaelcarrano I feel your pain. Haha.
@michaelcarrano @everywheresean Of course we do. Been on PH long enough to hear that complaint - baconmakeseverythingbetter.com - Android coming soon. Mostly just haven't gotten to setting up the Android store since apps for sale there tend to not do much. But your app dev platform actually creates iOS through xcode and Android through a script, both pulling design and content from our CMS. I'll ping you both when Android is also available.