A simple way to support your open source dependencies.

BackYourStack helps companies discover and contribute to the open source projects in their stack that need financial support. Look for your github org or drag & drop your package.json or composer.json to see open source projects you depend on that are seeking financial support. BackYourStack

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Brett Hellman
ceo@matter • former ceo@hall (acquired)
Great idea... love the branding too. You might want to try moving the "Sign In with GitHub" to a more prominent location or making the button more noticeable.
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Xavier Damman
@bretthellman thanks for the kind words! We wanted to offer a way to sign in with github to show the list of private repos of your organization but after feedback we realized that most people would rather not give us access to all their repos (and I can understand). That's why we also offer the ability to simply upload your package.json or composer.json and we want to make that more prominent.
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