BackView by Elasticode

Re-engage app users right before they leave

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Thanks for the hunt, Stewart! Hi Product Hunters, As part of our mission to always improve , today we are happy to introduce a new way of utilizing a surprising piece of app real estate. Backview experiences turn Apple’s app switcher into an opportunity to re-engage users who abandoned an app abruptly, by displaying a message that’ll bring them back. Users might leave your app when a phone call comes in, for instance, and forget to come back later on. Backview experiences let your app emerge from the background and grab users’ attention. There are many different ways to use this new feature, including: an abandoned shopping cart or game-level, completing a registration process or simply reminding users that your app is interesting. Backview experiences can be segmented to fit specific audiences and app sections. The Backview experiences are an addition to our online studio, which allows to instantly create and deploy segmented native experiences, without the need for coding skills, App Store approvals or end-user updates. We’re excited to share this feature with the Product Hunt community and hope you like it. There’s also a special Product Hunt offer of 50% off for the first 3 months. So, what do you think?
The first thing that caught my eye when I originally found out about BackView is "why hasn't someone thought of that before?" Based in Tel Aviv, Elasticode has brought retargeting to Apple devices by leveraging a slice of screen real estate everyone else has ignored. The team at Elasticode were kind enough to give me the exclusive on reporting the launch of this product at VentureBeat, where you can find out more details (
@therealsjr Thanks for the hunt and for the wonderful article, Stewart!
Good work guys! You continue to kick some serious ass! Now what about android??
@yonidariel Thanks, Yoni, for the kind words and the reminders :) Work in progress, we promise!
This is such a cool feature!
@robertnachum7 Thanks, Robert! You're pretty cool yourself!
That's pure magic :) soon to come on the Fiverr app? @wolkomir
@ariked You know it!