Backup all your tables on Airtable

Automatic and Manual backups for all tables and bases on airtable.
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Created this after trying and failing to find a means of regularly backing up my tables on airtable. BackupTable doesn't try to do anything more or less than what the name implies - it backs up all your airtable tables and attachments, either manually or automatically. Hope people find it useful and would love to hear feedback :) First 10 commenters can message me and get 6 months of pro for free!
I adore the design of this site. So pretty!
@lucas_hogendoorn1 thanks for the compliments :)
Great idea and can't wait to use it!
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Super easy way to backup my airtable bases, and a good price for the pro features! Thanks for saving me so much time!!!
@theo_1 glad you found it useful. let me know if there are other features you would like to see! if you have a moment, would also appreciate a review :)