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I'm actually not a cyclist myself, but posted Backtracker here for two reasons: 1) It's a great-looking product from a South African company & team. So I have a natural bias there. :) 2) I love it when smart devices solve *real* problems and - in this sense - personal safety is as real as it comes. I know that there's just way too many accidents on our roads involving cyclists and hopefully innovations like Backtracker can reduce that.
@adii Thanks Adii! We're passionate about what we're doing here. We believe that technology can supercharge our sensory ability. We hope you guys are as excited as we are!
I'm an Engineer on the Backtracker team - @ridebacktracker. I'd love to answer any questions you may at will!
To celebrate being featured on @ProductHunt, we've made 10 more early bird units available. Bon Appetit!
Love riding my bike - cool idea - thanks for sharing. I definitely understand the utility when riding down a country road. In a city, however, isn't it constantly "on"? There tend to be cars and cyclists within 140 meters of you at all times. Curious how this works.
@deekay In a city, Backtracker could help to let you know when there are gaps in the traffic so that you don’t constantly have to look over your shoulder to try and identify the most opportune moment to change lanes, or know when to turn.
@deekay Thanks for the positive feedback! Just as when surrounded by a lot of traffic, your senses (eyes, ears etc.) don't saturate with an information overload. Rather, you pay attention when you need to make a decision. Similarly, Backtracker does not bombard one with information, it acts as another sensory input. When you wish to change lanes or make a turn, a quick glance down will you tell you what the traffic behind you looks like for the next 140m. Have a look at this video of Backtracker used in a 'traffic' scenario:
Great looking product, but the site made it kinda hard to figure out exactly what it did / how it functioned (without watching the videos). I had a general idea, but it was really hard to tell why this device was special.
@clarklab Thanks for the feedback, we are constantly trying to improve the web-site content.