Backstory for Facebook

Private notes to remember and search for FB friends

Add private notes and labels in profiles, or copy them in from public info. Search through your notes, e.g. for all friends connected to a place. Sync and back up across multiple devices.
Finally, a contact manager for Facebook. Download free for Chrome!
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Confession: I have terrible memory. I can never who's who or who's where. (Sorry, James… er, John?) Hence, I built Backstory to help myself recall my connections. Fun fact: It’s also my birthday today! 🎂The biggest gift would be your feedback! 🥳 BTW: Privacy is critical, so your notes are stored offline in your browser. You can turn on cloud syncing between multiple devices. Hope this helps you become a better friend!
@zhicong Happy belated Birthday! I don't use Facebook and would love this for Twitter! Any plans on building that? I wouldn't mind paying for it tbh 🐣
@amrith First off - you're awesome!!! 🙌🙌 I was planning to integrate into LinkedIn next, however if Twitter has a bigger use case, I'm open to doing that instead!
This is one way to turn Facebook into a CRM of sorts. 🤔
@rrhoover "CRM for Facebook friends" was actually the tagline I was considering 😯I've been using it like a CRM myself to find friends when I'm traveling! And thanks for stopping by!!! 🤩🤩
Simple, useful, and private. Great work.
@jerroldsoh Thanks for the support!!
this is so useful!!
Very useful for people with bad memory!
@toniazafirova I feel your pain!! 🙈