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Hi everyone! We are super excited to launch this new version of backstitch with an emphasis on collaboration and sharing. Over the past year we've been working in stealth with startups, non-profits, and even large companies that had reached out to us looking for different ways to automatically monitor and share online content with their team members and customers. Working with these groups we've evolved backstitch from a personal dashboard product to a full fledge platform with things like team organization, embeddable widgets, presentations display modes, and even a full developer API for building your own content-focused apps. Let us know what you think!
Very cool! When I first opened it, I wondered how it was different than the spammy type things. I love the addition of presentation displays and embedded articles to provide more ways of sharing.
@sarahleeyoga Thanks Sarah! Our two biggest goals is providing complete control over things like which sources to pull content from to different ways to view it. Please don't hesitate to reach out if there is anything ever our team can help you with - we are always here to help :)
Is there any other product like yours that is catered to the general mass?