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Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
Tried to sign up and got an error page after auth with twitter @matthui @choi_kl Managed to get in now. Can I ask why does it ask me to follow 5 people and categories? If the recommendations are from people I follow I assumed this was people I follow on Twitter. The people suggested for me to follow aren't really relevant to me or who I follow on Twitter. How do you populate these at the moment?
Matthew HuiMaker@matthui · Founder @
@bentossell Thanks for checking out the site. Basically that list is ranked by overall Twitter followers right now. We automatically follow people on Backpak that you are following on Twitter so theres no need for you to manually do that. The modal is for if you want to follow some new people
Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
@matthui Ok, didn't seem clear to me. Also it keeps popping up, I don't want to follow any of them. Do the people I follow on Twitter have to be on Backpak in order for me to see what products they recommend?
Matthew HuiMaker@matthui · Founder @
@bentossell It shouldn't be popping up over and over again. If it is try going to again. Im glad you brought up the following thing because we just fixed a bug with the following feature. You can see the list of people you follow that have profiles on Backpak here:
Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
@matthui cool. Does this mean that they have a Backpak account? OR is it simply because I follow them on Twitter and info is pulled from there?
Matthew HuiMaker@matthui · Founder @
@bentossell Most of the accounts you see on the site that are well known in the tech community were created by us manually because we also follow those accounts. In the future we will start automatically scraping recommendations based on the people our users are following on Twitter.
Matthew HuiMaker@matthui · Founder @
Hi PH We created one central place where people could find WHAT their friends, people in the community, and celebrities were using conveniently in a fun and simple way. Backpak is your virtual backpak where you store the stuff you use so that anyone can learn from your good taste. Aggregating sourced material on what celebrities and influences had admitted they loved to use became an endeavor we became committed to working on because it was so interesting to us (people like Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Aziz Ansari, etc). Currently we mostly aggregate from Twitter, Instagram, Medium and other popular websites. Backpak has opened a new world of things we want to try and it's been a blast working on so far.
Brad Brooks@ninthart · Graphic Designer, Grafica by the Sea
I'm loving Backpak! Might we see an iOS app anytime in the near future? Pretty please? :D
Zeeshan JavedMaker@zjav3d · VidGIF, SVDictionary
@ninthart We're pretty down to make one. Really glad that you're liking it. We really want to make something fun to use and informative.
Interesting so far. I've hit a bug where the Follow doesn't switch to Following. When choosing categories pops back up, it did show it filled out. Speaking of popping back up, Follow 5 People keeps popping up requiring me to do the Next / Finish routine.
Matthew HuiMaker@matthui · Founder @
@marcuscoh I'll take a look. Thanks for reporting
Ross Rojek@sacbookreviewer · CTO,,
Hey like @bentossell I'd rather follow people I know than Taylor Swift or Bill Gates. Nice idea though.
Matthew HuiMaker@matthui · Founder @
@sacbookreviewer You auto follow people you follow on Twitter. We just suggest a few popular people but we will fix that to be more relevant.