App connected urban backpack that lets you share your flair

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I'm super into using wearables to send signals in urban environments. Will Backpaix have an API?
@rubinovitz, this is the founder of BACKPAIX. We build an APP for the smart accessary of BACKPAIX. To connect wearable device will be our next goal. The API will be opened.
It's like an IRL version of tweeting: "MOOD" 😎
This is amazing! I only wish they shipped to Mexico!
@oscaralaniz, we will do it. thanks for supporting us.
Let me walk with haha point. XD
Can we stop with this everything must be connected trend? There is literally no use for this. It's like the signs on service dogs that say Do Not Pet
@Gabriel Wildsmith, the connected device is just an accessary of this backpack. The bag has lots of cool design. The display can signal your turn when riding a bike, not just for connecting, for safety.