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Backpacker Chart brings all relevant travel information in one place and helps you connect with fellow travelers.

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Hey there. Cool concept! I love to travel and agree that finding the most important information about destinations is difficult and requires so many different sources - which you solve with this website! Love that! A few items for feedback - The Attractions map doesn’t load in Safari. It would in Chrome though. I’m using iOS 13 on a iPhone 7 Plus. How come this is called the Backpacker Chart? It seems like so much more than a chart, and also is applicable to ALL travelers (not just backpackers!). Also the tabs available for each country - i.e.: “Attractions Map”, “Good to Know” and “Score” don’t appear to be I didn’t even realize that they opened until I kept trying to find the chart you showed up above on Product Hunt. If you can, it would be awesome to make it more intuitive to click on each of those. Finally - those titles for the tabs aren’t really helpful in describing what they are. Maybe consider renaming the tabs to something along the lines of: “Top Attractions” “Basic Facts” “Pro-Chart” or something like that for each of those in order to get people to easily understand what they are. Hope you find some of that helpful - I really love your idea and will definitely be using the info in future travels!!! Thank you!
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@sara_fry Hello Sara, great feedback, makes sense! I definitely have to work on UX. Thanks a lot!
Hello Product Hunters, My name is Radu and I am a 🏝️ traveloholic:) Backpacker Chart came to life to solve a travel problem: searching through dozens of websites and other resources to find relevant country information. “What should I visit there? Is it safe, is it cheap? Can I find easily vegetarian food or When is the best time to go?...” I’m trying to 🥊tackle this problem by ranking travel destinations and sharing useful information. I I’ve aggregated data from trusted sources such as Statista, Nomad List and Numbeo. Then I topped it with other cool features like attractions mapping. Here's a 📃list of the upcoming features: Scoring and charting for all major travel destinations Enhancing the (subjective) stats by collecting data from 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 community voting and travel experts Community building by offering better means of socializing and communication (premium) Custom travel/itinerary consultancy (premium) Implementing destination filtering and comparison capabilities Other features as per community request I truly hope you’ll find useful and would ❤️love to hear your feedback!