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Samiul Kabir Seemon
  • Samiul Kabir Seemon
    Samiul Kabir SeemonCustomer Experience Manager at Backpack

    Amazing experience with the best Customer support team!


    Current Operation is limited to Bangladesh/ Asian region.

    Backpack helps you to make money while traveling. Once can easily earn up to $900 by Backpacking.

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Andrea Grassi
Andrea Grassi@andrea_sdl · Owner & Devel. at
am I wrong or a similar product was already posted in PH? I would love to understand how Backpack ensure that no one steals your product and get away with it. EDIT: I answered the question by myself reading here They ask the backpacker to buy the product, and they give the money back to them once they deliver it. Nice!
Thomas K. Running
Thomas K. Running@tkrunning · Nomad Gate, ex-Teleport
Cool to see this thing coming out of Bangladesh. After personally going there and talking with a bunch of local entrepreneurs, I know it's far from the most startup-friendly environment there. For me the most important feature they could implement right now is integration with TripIt. I fly quite a bit (30 something international flights so far this year), but I'm not going to enter them all into yet another system.
Josh Lee
Josh Lee@lee94josh · UPenn
This is something I know happens a ton between friends and family, so productizing it is super interesting. While it is a P2P marketplace, it is less "personal" than, say Airbnb, so the extent to which they can make it frictionless and on-demand will be key. Very cool.
Joel Burke
Joel Burke@joelburke2014 · Head of BD, Estonian e-Residency
I would love if they input more social features so you can connect with the people that you are buying products for... I feel like that's a major part of the success of any niche ecommerce or P2P marketplace anymore.
Cos Cody
Cos Cody@cos_cody · Hunting down the enthusiastic product
Nice web site and really love it.