Backlog Grooming by Standuply

Asynchronous backlog grooming via Slack task-based surveys

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 27, 2019

Remote work is on the rise; Agile processes need to adapt.

Now you don't have to get together with the whole team to run backlog grooming. Connect your tools to Standuply and run backlog grooming asynchronously when it's convenient for everyone on your team.

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Loveeee this! Any idea what part of March Jira integration will be available or where I can signup to receive notice?
@zanderseo It will be shipped within two weeks, stay tuned or just ask me via alex at
What a great Wednesday, Product Hunters 🎉 Alex is here from Standuply, the #1 Project Management Slack bot trusted by 35,000 teams worldwide. Companies like Google, IBM, Intel, Adobe, Slack are among thousands of our customers. Today I’d like to showcase Backlog Grooming automation via Standuply, something that wasn’t even possible before. It can completely transform the way you work with your remote team. Here’s the way how it works: 1️⃣ Connect Standuply to Trello (JIRA coming this March) Select tasks to groom, people who will take part in the backlog grooming and questions to ask. 2️⃣ Standuply surveys your team Standuply reaches out to your team members and surveys them asking the questions about the tasks you selected on step #1. 3️⃣ Your tasks are up to date You automate backlog grooming once, and the process is up and running. Standuply makes sure your tasks are always up to date. Why does it matter, you might ask? Well, remote work is on the rise, and you have to be prepared. Scheduling meetings is a nightmare, but you have to get going. This way you keep your backlog up to date without having yet another meeting. I’m sure your team will love this! With this move, Standuply comes one step closer to our vision of becoming a full-fledged Digital Scrum Master. ✅ Need more than 100 seats? I’ll get a special price for you. Reach out to me via alex at Alex Kistenev, CEO of
This is one of the more clever workflow tools I've seen in Slack. The problem with backlogs is that they often turn into a graveyard and stale, which requires someone to consistently groom and update. I'm not a big fan of grooming by democracy though. Is it possible to appoint one person or specific people depending on the task (engineer, design, etc.), @sprinter?
@rrhoover Thanks for the feedback, can we use it as a quote at our website by the way? =) As for your question, you define questions, people (i.e., your dev team) a task column (from Trello) and schedule. Then Standuply will ask selected people the questions about the tasks from that column. So you configure it once and it's up and running.
@sprinter feel free to use my quote :)
Love the idea and the product itself, been using it to host standups daily. Any plans to integrate with TFS/Azure DevOps to get stories from that?
@tyler_neal Next integrations will be JIRA and Asana but we'll consider TFS/Azure as well.
@sprinter - great idea - Any chance Youtrack (by jetbrains) integration is on the radar?
@parlin not at the moment, maybe later
While i try this out, i gotta say you guys are killing it ! Kudos 🥉