Full screen photos from Unsplash for your iPhone

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@rurza · Developer, designer
I know that there are some problems with API request limit :( Working with @unsplash to resolve it :)
Would you recommend Background to a friend?


@rurza · Developer, designer
Hi! I've made this app because I love Unsplash. I wanted super smooth, 60fps scrolling experience where I can see photo optimised for my device. And I made it. Scroll vertically, tilt device to scroll photo horizontally, touch and hold to save it. Simple :)
Jimmy Amash
@jimmyamash · Designer. Developer. Dreamer.
I can appreciate the simple UX used here, kudos on the intuitive scrolling - but not at the cost of a search feature. Am I supposed to just scroll until I hopefully find something I might be interested in? Seems like that would be key to your MVP, both from product and data perspectives. Or maybe I'm taking this too seriously.
Just downloaded it to try it out and it's as dope as it sounds.
Ross Blankenship
@rossblankenship · AngelKings.com, CEO and Partner
Yes. This is awesome. Back at it again @Unsplash and the Crew team!
Mark Bao
@markbao · Founder, Ambition
God yes this is awesome. I'm tired of using sketchy ad-filled apps to find backgrounds. Great work. Would love to see scrolling be "paged" in the sense that scrolling down will scroll image-by-image, not a continuous scroll (think home screen, not Instagram).