Honest and Anonymous Feedback About Colleagues

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@bramk totally agree, ha. The intent was "backdoor" as in "backdoor, off-road, off the list references while interviewing a candidate." It started as a fun project to teach myself Ruby so I went with it :) . It grew faster than I thought (now 200k + reviewable profiles) so a rebrand is on the horizon.
Pretty interesting product from @jgvandehey. Upvote/Downvote colleagues and other LinkedIn connections anonymously. Also an option for providing constructive feedback. There are always lots of concerns regarding anonymous apps. For example Leak chose to shut down after the average message on the service became less and less constructive. Interested in how @jgvandehey think the future will look like for Backdoor, and how it will stand out in an ever more crowded space of anon-apps.
Thanks @kjemperud. Definitely monitoring the positive/negative feedback ratio very closely and ensuring the feedback is at least constructive if negative. So far it's been about 70:30 (positive:negative) with some very colorful/informative qualitative reviews that paint a better picture of what it's like to work with someone. It will be interesting to see how this ratio changes as the platform grows and users gain more moxy :) .
starting to see a trend in this space. many people seem to want honest, effective feedback. yet others might be afraid to provide such feedback. services like Backdoor hopefully fill this need.
@benhoffman_ Knozen is another interesting product in this field.