Achieve and maintain your best posture any place, any time.

Backbone is a smart, connected posture solution that discreetly supports your posture, vibrates when you slouch, offers curated training plans, and more.

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There are tons of similar wearables out there. Why should a customer choose you? (I'm asking as someone who is actively looking for a solution like yours!)
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@tomasruta Hi Tomas, thanks for the question! What differs between us and our competitors is that we're approaching bad posture prevention from a holistic perspective. Our goal is to be much more than a product that buzzes whenever you slouch, which we're doing by: - Offering you physical guidance through our posture brace, which will help you develop mental awareness and muscle memory for achieving and maintaining your best posture; - Providing educational content directly in our interactive app to teach you the proper techniques and strategies for understanding what good posture is and how to achieve/maintain it, as well as how to properly perform posture-strengthening exercises and stretches; and - Putting it all together into curated training plans - which we developed alongside qualified physical therapists - to get you optimal, consistent results. And, this is only the very beginning of what we have to offer. We're constantly researching and learning new ways to help you improve and maintain your physical health, which we're then translating into new tools and features that our users can make use of and benefit from. I hope that answers your question, please let me know if you'd like further clarification, Tomas!

Want to back this up. Will defnietly do it. Hope that it doesn't cost much in costums.


I like the idea of getting the "tap" on my shoulder to stay upright. It's like a teacher telling you to sit up straight.


No idea

Thanks so much for this review @andrealbuq94 🙏🏻
Too expensive for such a simple device and I feel like it would be one of those things I buy and only use once or twice before I forget about it.
Thanks a lot for hunting us Jack! And thank you, Product Hunt community, for having us! 🙏🏻 I'm one of the co-founders of Backbone Labs and I wanted to share with you our story on what inspired us to create Backbone... We all have that friend who seems fearless and invincible. We're talking about the friend that’s always posting about bungee-jumping over waterfalls and fire-walking on burning coals. For us, that friend's name is Quest. So when Quest told us in 2015 that he had been diagnosed with spinal arthritis, we were dumbfounded. He had just turned 27. It was a wake-up call, and it made us realize that we had spent too long neglecting our back health. We weren’t the only ones, either; back pain is actually the leading cause of disability worldwide. Through our research, we learned that poor posture is tied to numerous back problems but were surprised to see that it also affects temperament and energy levels. We decided to make a concerted effort to improve our posture, but we had developed so many bad habits that it seemed practically impossible to make a real change. It felt like we needed a posture coach with us all day, reminding us whenever we started to slouch. Unfortunately, “Posture Coach” is a position usually only filled by your parents, so we turned our attention to developing a solution that would make better posture not only possible but easy. After much effort and testing, we are excited to share Backbone with you. And as we continue to grow, we look forward to evolving our services and content to promote not only a strong back but a better, healthier lifestyle. Thank you for joining us on this journey. Together, we can make a difference and stop back pain in its tracks.
How does this tackle lower back issues? If you just straighten your upper back and neck, your lower back could go into extension causing different issues. (I'm asking as someone excited about a product like this, with terrible back issues)
@jonmunson Hi Jon, That's absolutely correct, and it's why we've placed such emphasis on developing our educational, exercise, and stretching content. We've seen that flaw in other "sit up/stand up straight" products who consider that the extent of the "training" necessary to correct your posture. Years of certified personal training and competitive lifting experience on our team has allowed us to know better from the beginning. And now, in the new version of Backbone, we're pushing forward with the help of physical therapists in making this information easily accessible and digestible for everyone--Because we know that many people don't know what a scapula is, much less how to retract it. We know that many people don't understand how to engage their core or their gluteal muscles to stabilize and protect their lower backs, which may very well go into extension in a well-meaning attempt to beat a slouching monitor and get into more upright posture--or at least appear to, to the app. This isn't anyone's fault--these things are unfortunately not commonly taught in physical education classes growing up, and if one isn't particularly inclined towards physical activity and knowledge beyond those classes then they usually never pick them up. It's our goal to help people realize that posture is a full-body system and what determines "good" posture fluctuates with the activity that you're engaging in. In our educational content and exercise/stretching programs, we go beyond "not rounding your upper back" and help you achieve better coordination throughout your body, enabling you to truly achieve correct posture in a way that just having you sit or stand up straight can't. Great question, Jon, thanks for checking us out!