Backblaze for Business

Manage Backblaze computer backup & B2 cloud storage

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Paul Prins
Paul Prins@paulprins · Founder - Fresh Vine
Not sure if this is new for backblaze or just had not been Hunted. Long time BackBlaze user for my personal laptop (I think like 5+ years?) and love their service. Its seamless and makes it stupid simple to add a secure layer of redundancy to your data. Makes sense they would extend their service to the business/enterprise space.
YevMaker@yevp · Backblaze Marketing
@paulprins Hello Paul! This is brand new for us - just announced! It blends together our Computer Backup and B2 Cloud Storage services to make management/billing a whole lot easier! Thanks for being with us :)
Nina Churchill
Nina Churchill@nina_churchill · PPC & SEO @ Breezy HR
I'm a long time BackBlaze user and I absolutely love it! I am happy to see they are extending to businesses, as I am constantly recommending this to my clients.
YevMaker@yevp · Backblaze Marketing
@nina_churchill Thank you so much Nina! Pleased as punch that you're a fan!
sri@sridhar_kondoji · No Fluff Just Stuff skills tracker
Do u offer deduplication as well? How are u dealing with bandwidth costs with cloud storage?
YevMaker@yevp · Backblaze Marketing
@sridhar_kondoji Hey! Yea, we do computer-wide dedup, eases the bandwidth load a bit. On the cloud storage side bandwidth is about $0.05/GB down.
Aaron Myers
Aaron Myers@amyers · eCommerce Guy
Can I convert a Personal account to Business for us using BackBlaze before business options were available?
YevMaker@yevp · Backblaze Marketing
@amyers Yea, take a gander at -> and reach out to our Biz Support :)