Backblaze 2.0

Easily access your files nearly anywhere with your iPhone

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Eric WillisHunter@erictwillis · Working on something new
Backblaze Mobile for iOS is a free app to view, download, and share any files that you have backed up to your Backblaze Online Backup account. Easily access your files nearly anywhere with your iPhone, iPad, or iPad Mini
YevMaker@yevp · Backblaze Marketing
We're pretty proud of this release. We have a tiny tiny mobile team and getting this new version out with Touch ID and the dynamic design was quite the feat. Every time someone would write and ask why it's only "pixel doubled" on iPads, I would die a little inside. Can finally say we have an app that's for iPad as well :)
how is this different from dropbox etc ? I am sure I am missing something
YevMaker@yevp · Backblaze Marketing
@shalabh_ Well, it's a backup software (the app just lets you access that backed up data). Dropbox doesn't automatically back up data, you select what you want to keep in Dropbox, it's more for syncing-sharing (we use it in the office for that very reason!) Backblaze is a backup service, so it's automated.
@yevp @shalabh_ Got it. Thanks :-)
Ton@t55 · Mac'aholic
Extremely happy with the new Backblaze 2.0 - mobile and desktop. Nice upload-speeds from non-US countries make the service a joy to use. Been using the iPhone app since the day it was released. Glad I can finally use it on the iPad. :) Hope Backblaze 3.0 will brings us affordable backups of our iPhone and iPad data....
YevMaker@yevp · Backblaze Marketing
@t55 We're working on some stuff, but can't say what at the moment :)
Ryan MacCarthy@ryanmac · Chief Data Scientist, KickFactory
HUGE fan of Backblaze! I've been a user since the beginning (well at least 5 years). If you don't already have an efficient, affordable, secure, seamless, invisible, rock-solid off-site backup solution, stop what you're doing and sign up for Backblaze.
YevMaker@yevp · Backblaze Marketing
@ryanmac Thanks Ryan! If you need your office backed up, you know where to find me ;-)