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  • Pros: 

    The product technically works.


    Hire people who care. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be an alternative product at the moment.

    Backing up works incredibly well. Restoring is a nightmare.

    Restoring my ~350 GB backup via zip turned out to take a week to make the zip file available. Which is preposterous. They say you can get a USB hard drive shipped, which is faster, so I did that. Nope, that also takes the exact same amount of time. While I was waiting for the hard drive to ship my zip file finished and was ready to download. It took me 3 more days to download the file.

    All told it took 9 days to recover my backup. I've been using this product for years and recommending it to everyone—I feel like a complete idiot. I never noticed that they intentionally avoid revealing how long a restore takes. Even after you start the restore, they don't try to estimate how long it takes because it's so egregious. This company has been around 10 years! I have no idea how the product can be so poor after an entire decade.

    And the worst part is the complete indifference and lack of shits their customer support seemed to give. I talked to three or so different people and every single one of them made it abundantly clear that they couldn't possibly care less about how slow their restore feature is, and it was my fault for assuming their product was better than it was and believing their marketing site.

    The whole experience was vile.

    Brandon Weiss has used this product for one year.


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YevMaker@yevp · Backblaze Marketing
Thanks for the love guys! We've had a flurry of activity over the last few days and I'm glad it's spread to the Product Hunt community :) I've been lurking for a long time so it's fun to jump in! Maybe see some of you at the party tonight?
Buck Wilson@buckwilson · Designer-founder now freelancer.
Been using this for a couple of years. Definitely my favorite solution in this space.
YevMaker@yevp · Backblaze Marketing
@buckwilson Nice! Thanks for using us Buck!
Misbah AshrafHiring@misbahspeaks · Product Growth @toymailco
Awesome. Cheap and the best.
YevMaker@yevp · Backblaze Marketing
@misbahspeaks Couldn't agree more...though I'm super biased :D
Misbah AshrafHiring@misbahspeaks · Product Growth @toymailco
@yevp Thats also good sometime :D
YevMaker@yevp · Backblaze Marketing
@misbahspeaks In this case, certainly :D
Kevin Chau@kchau · Director of BD, Divshot
Not a fan of Backblaze - backups of external drives that stay disconnected for 30 days are deleted.
YevMaker@yevp · Backblaze Marketing
@kchau Yev from Backblaze here -> Yea, we do have a 30 day retention policy, but we also send email alerts when we don't see the computer or the external hard drives for a while. That's one of our favorite features that folks enjoy.
Will Imholte@willimholte · Designer, Prime
@kchau Hey Kevin, I'm curious if you know of any long-term-storage backup solutions/competitors to Backblaze. 30 days seems relatively fair to me, (from my interpretation) it's about making a backup of your files right now in case something happens to your local disk—not about making a permanent storage place for all your files for all time.
Kevin Chau@kchau · Director of BD, Divshot
@willimholte I used CrashPlan for a bit - if their UI wasn't so clunky I probably would have kept it. They don't have the 30 day rule for external drives. My reason for the 30 day rule is because I have a Drobo at my desk for photography - sometimes I may be away from it for more than 30 days - only carrying an external SSD. I wouldn't want to have the 30 day rule in the back of my head.
YevMaker@yevp · Backblaze Marketing
@willimholte @kchau That makes sense Kevin! A lot of photogs like us for the unlimited aspect, but your use-case is definitely one where the 30-day limit would cause some headaches. We're currently working on ways around that though! I don't have any ETAs or information to disseminate at the moment, but stay tuned ;-)
Kevin Chau@kchau · Director of BD, Divshot
@yevp Let me know when you guys figure out a way around that 30-day limit so I can give you my money.
James Simpson@goldfirestudios · CEO, GoldFire Studios
For the longest time I had been storing all of my backups in the same location. Realizing this for the most part defeated the purpose, I started testing cloud backup solutions. Backblaze is what I ended up going with because of the straight-forward pricing, nice Mac app and fast speeds. Great service!