Unlimited data backup for your Mac or PC for just $5/month

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Thanks for the love guys! We've had a flurry of activity over the last few days and I'm glad it's spread to the Product Hunt community :) I've been lurking for a long time so it's fun to jump in! Maybe see some of you at the party tonight?
Been using this for a couple of years. Definitely my favorite solution in this space.
@buckwilson Nice! Thanks for using us Buck!
Awesome. Cheap and the best.
@misbahspeaks Couldn't agree more...though I'm super biased :D
@yevp Thats also good sometime :D
@misbahspeaks In this case, certainly :D
Not a fan of Backblaze - backups of external drives that stay disconnected for 30 days are deleted.
@kchau Yev from Backblaze here -> Yea, we do have a 30 day retention policy, but we also send email alerts when we don't see the computer or the external hard drives for a while. That's one of our favorite features that folks enjoy.
@kchau Hey Kevin, I'm curious if you know of any long-term-storage backup solutions/competitors to Backblaze. 30 days seems relatively fair to me, (from my interpretation) it's about making a backup of your files right now in case something happens to your local disk—not about making a permanent storage place for all your files for all time.
@willimholte I used CrashPlan for a bit - if their UI wasn't so clunky I probably would have kept it. They don't have the 30 day rule for external drives. My reason for the 30 day rule is because I have a Drobo at my desk for photography - sometimes I may be away from it for more than 30 days - only carrying an external SSD. I wouldn't want to have the 30 day rule in the back of my head.
@willimholte @kchau That makes sense Kevin! A lot of photogs like us for the unlimited aspect, but your use-case is definitely one where the 30-day limit would cause some headaches. We're currently working on ways around that though! I don't have any ETAs or information to disseminate at the moment, but stay tuned ;-)
@yevp Let me know when you guys figure out a way around that 30-day limit so I can give you my money.
For the longest time I had been storing all of my backups in the same location. Realizing this for the most part defeated the purpose, I started testing cloud backup solutions. Backblaze is what I ended up going with because of the straight-forward pricing, nice Mac app and fast speeds. Great service!