Powerful Backend-as-a-Service for AngularJS and Ionic

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Hello all, and thank you for hunting us, @benln. I'm Itay, the CTO and a co-founder of Backand. Backand is a powerful and easy-to-use backend-as-a-service tailored for AngularJS and the Ionic framework. It has tons of cool features, including social login, real-time, server-side logic, ready to use integrations with 3rd parties (such as Stripe and MailChimp) and much more. We also provide you with a free cloud database and free hosting. We're giving out a cool t-shirt to the first couple hundred Product Hunters who sign up for the service. Please give it a try and let me know what you think or if you have any questions.
I've been using backand for a while now, for a side project I've been working on. So far it has proved to be a great alternative for a back end implementation, so I can focus on my POC. What I like about it? - very customizable setup, plus the ability to write javascript code in custom actions - built in object permissions and filtering - free static pages hosting - a VERY responsive support team What I would love to see? - more integrations ( logging?) - better documentation - create more than one environment in the same app (staging / prod) to test changes before deploying them - running scheduled tasks
@eshaham Thanks so much! We're definitely working on everything you've listed. You can see some of the upcoming integrations we're planning here:, in addition to the existing ones, of course (
@itayher awesome. Looking forward to see what you guys build next!
Hi, Thanks for the feedback... Regarding the question about Firebase, while Firebase is a great real time DB that also has social login functionality, Backand expands upon this by providing a large amount of supporting functionality. Backand gives the developer access to server-side JavaScript code execution, allowing for functionality that depends on a secure execution environment (such as payment processing). This functionality can be used for integration with any web-based third-party services like Stripe, PayPal, Mandrill, and AWS, among others. In addition, Backand gives you direct access to the database, allowing you to not only take the data with you when you go, but also giving you the capability to integrate third-party services directly with your application's data, instead of having to write a translation layer - something that firebase doesn't offer.
One of my greatest complaints with Firebase is their limited query support. (For example you can't do a WHERE query. Instead you must do ORDER BY and LIMIT). If you can provide greater query support, that would be a HUGE advantage. Also, why did you choose to make this AngularJS specific vs Javascript (to include ReactJS, etc)? One other question: what investment do you all have? In other words, what assurance does one have that this will stay up and running? I noticed you raised $1MM between 2013 & 2014 according to AngelList but nothing since but your team is pretty sizable. Sorry for all the questions ... just wondering about the sustainability of this. I'd love to have something like this for ReactJS :)
@allnick The query limitation you're describing does not exist in Backand. Our queries support Where, Group By, Inner Select and more. You can write queries with MySQL syntax or in a Mongo-inspired NoSQL syntax. Read more here: The choice for focusing on Angular was mainly to focus our efforts on a particular developer community. That lets us focus our marketing as well as examples, starter apps, docs, etc. Technically, it's not limited to Angular. In fact, we already have a JavaScript/JQuery SDK (found here: and working on a ReactJS SDK (to be released right after our Angular 2 SDK). Regarding funding: We're not quite ready to talk about it, but the numbers on AngelList (and Crunchbase) are not up-to-date. We've raised more money and are backed by 2 VCs. In any case, we pride ourselves on having a very open platform that allows easily migrating -- and plan to make it even easier. P.S. Love the questions. Keep em comin'
Signed up for an account and so far it's been great using it. One question though. How is it different from Firebase?
@riyadhalnur See our Firebase response above