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The usefulness and success of BACKA 100% depends on the community culture and expertise of the people on the site*. How are you building the community and facilitating quality discussion, @danielkempe? *I use an asterisk to emphasize that the people that provide feedback may not be the customer for one's idea and it's also important to recognize that crazy ideas that many people think won't work, are also worth exploring.
@rrhoover very true. Feedback is great and all but where it's coming from makes a huge difference
@rrhoover @joelle_writes Yes, agreed, but I think even using 100 random people to give feedback on an idea will give you a consensus.
I like this idea. Sure it has a long way to go, but you guys can do it. :) You see, I promised myself *not* to sign up for anything else (you should see my inbox), but I did for Backa. This is how much I like it. Eric, the jedi hunter. :D
Check out this post about how we come up with and created the site in 7 days! @bentossell due to time commitments and success in other areas, is no longer with us at Backa, but regularly drops in to say hello!
@danielkempe Cheers Dan and team. Think this is a great idea and starting point for what could be a huge project for these guys. So many people have ideas every day so having somewhere to go and get some real solid feedback is awesome :) Good luck guys!
Totally willing to give this my support. Potentially great resource, also potentially an awkward environment I never end up using, but you only know by trying.
@bhalp1 Shot for giving us the benefit of the doubt :)
Yea, totally agree with you regarding community, and its something we are working hard on, taking some inspiration from how you guys did it here on PH. I'm assuming the people on the site will be mostly guys like us, in the startup world, love discovering new ideas/products and willing to lend a hand in the pre-build phase. Even the most crazy ideas, i'm sure after some discussion will seem more feasible. Our aim is to be a place to help build up both the product itself and a potential user base. Maybe a great way to get in shape for a product hunt launch!