Back-to-back coordination handles one of the biggest pain points in recruiting —scheduling a series of interviews. It searches multiple calendars to find the best options for a sequence of interviews with several people.

Clara now offers full-funnel scheduling support. Email for a free trial of our startups package.

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Launching today, Clara help you schedule back-to-back interviews! Why back-to-back? As any recruiter will tell you, scheduling these complex panel interviews is one of the most time-consuming, stress-inducing, and error-prone tasks they deal with on a daily basis: Importantly, we're departing from Clara's traditional conversational UX for this feature. Back-to-back interview scheduling frequently requires the recruiter to resolve internal calendar conflicts -- i.e. someone internal needs to make the final call about what meetings can get moved to accommodate an interview. Back-to-back is a GUI that uses Clara's coordination intelligence to do the tedious calendar and availability scanning, freeing up the recruiter to make the final scheduling judgement call. Let us know if you have any questions about back-to-back, or our decision to move from language interface to GUI in this use-case!