Record and share videos in reverse

Mindie is the first video app I've actively used that has a reverse video option. Like photo filters and slow motion, it can make mundane videos really interesting. @joshbarkin - I didn't see an option to load previously recorded videos. Did I miss it or is this intentional? It could be interesting if BACK auto-reversed and stitched the last 5 videos in the camera roll upon launching the app.
@rrhoover Yes, upload is coming in the first update. Great idea auto-reversing the 5 most recent on the camera roll. We limit clips though to 10 seconds, so we'd have to let users trim clips if they were longer than that or be intelligent about it.
Hi PHriends! Maker here....Boring video moments become interesting in reverse and you can see things from a new perspective. Link similar clips together using a single hashtag. We'll automatically stitch clips together for you so you can watch your day backward....Like Snapchat Stories, but in reverse. AMA
@osakasaul Thanks for asking! I just checked out RWND. Cool. It seems like they do this forward-reverse loop thing. Mindie has a reverse video feature as well, but it's buried because their focus is on 10 second looping music videos w/ 10 seconds of music. A BACK video can be as short as a 3 second loop, or an entire day in reverse and it's set to a full length music soundtrack. Just add (and potentially, as Ryan suggested above, "auto-add") a little bit at a time. Don't think about the music either. We know what sounds cool for your BACK video Reverse is a feature in other apps..I like the Instagram approach for Hyperlapse... Maybe we'll see BACK become synonymous with reverse video. We baked in social features into BACK so that we can build community around BACK as a format rather than a feature. We can also iterate quickly for other formats.
@joshbarkin Thanks for the full scoop!
Would be pretty awesome for skate videos. I like it
@chiwaili Cool thanks for the feedBACK