Tinder for baby names (no, really)

Babyname is the new way for you and your partner to find the perfect name for your baby. Connect with your partner and swipe through baby name cards together. If you both like the same name, it's a match and is added to your favorites list, so you'll never forget it.

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brb, making baby so I can use app
Could have used this 5 years ago. We had a spreadsheet with names we both liked, then every night after dinner we each got 5 no questions asked deletes -- we had a pile of names but it didn't take long before we settled on the top two. We only picked the day our girl was born, had to see her first :D This would have been more fun
@duanewilsonsf Funny, that was exactly the inspiration. Our old team partner and his wife received a baby and they did it exactly the same way. Glad you like it!
This would be a *rad* follow on experience in @kho's @GlowHQ app
It doesn't just provide name suggestions, but also the meaning and origin.
@rrhoover Thank you for posting this!
@rrhoover thanks for posting! Super excited!
@rrhoover Hi Ryan, we've just rolled out our new update. And we're introducing a new feature called 'Filters' 😃