A doctor on your phone

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I believe this is just UK for now, but they've got big plans to expand (according to their website). I like the fact that the doctors are able to dispense prescriptions, and the monitoring looks pretty nice. It would be great to see something like this integrated with the NHS so service users could access some of their data via an app.
@riaface If this could be connected with iPhone's health plugins, that could be a really big thing, especially for monitoring elderly people. Imagine the doctor would be contacted automatically whenever the app tracks some unusual health values...
@alternative3 when I spotted the mention of connecting health apps and monitoring my heart did a happy flutter... Hopefully this means the answer is yes.
@joelle_writes well, I don't know, you should ask the maker (if he/she ever gets here) if they intend to implement this. If they like my idea – they shall feel free to take it.... ;)
@alternative3 I think they are already thinking along those lines at least according to their site. I imagine the biggest hurdle is really regulatory, not technical.
@joelle_writes yes, I think so too. but as I don't know anything about UK law, I can't say how big the hurdles may be...