Baby Snap

Capture one second of your baby every day

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 15, 2017

Capture one-second snapshot every day and get a movie of your baby's growing. Just one second. everyday. Precious moments of childhood you will never forget. Use Baby Snap to capture big baby’s moments every day.

Add baby. Start Snapping! Invite relatives and Snap together. Discuss any Snap in a close circle. Generate a baby movie at one tap!

  • Sean Oliver
    Sean OliverProduct Marketing at Lyft

    Great UI and easy to use


    No ability to import past videos

    My baby is almost 2 months old. I've been using another app for this kind of thing, but actually really like the experience of Baby Snap. I wish they had the ability, though, for me to import all of my old videos so I could have one complete video from birth until now.

    Sean Oliver has used this product for one day.
  • Dmitriy Dubovik
    Dmitriy DubovikCMO at

    Easy to use, fun and interactive!


    Haven't found them yet

    Great way to keep your memories alive ;)

    Dmitriy Dubovik has used this product for one week.
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Tim Raiter
Tim RaiterMaker@timraiter · Art Director, Hello Baby /
Hey to all parents and future parents on PH. Me and Vitaliy spent last 3 years trying to help parents be better parents using our apps. This our newest app and we believe that going big. The simple idea: snap and instantly discuss it with your close family circle. Soon we will add more features in camera and video generation system but will keep it simple. Appreciate the honest feedback 👋
Vitaliy Urban
Vitaliy UrbanMaker@v_urban · HelloBaby Inc.
Hey! Try it with your baby. Will be happy to hear your honest feedback!
Andrey Zinoviev
Andrey Zinoviev@andrey_zinoviev · Co-founder and COO at Visabot
The cutest app ever. Well done guys!
Tim Raiter
Tim RaiterMaker@timraiter · Art Director, Hello Baby /
@andrey_zinoviev thanks Andrey! Make more kids, help us to make the World better place)
Artem Goldman
Artem Goldman@goldman_artem · CMO at Plink
Love it
Danil Saliukov
Danil Saliukov@danil_saliukov · CEO, Insense
Cool idea! It's better than just albums. Could you share snaps with your friends and relatives via the App?
Vitaliy Urban
Vitaliy UrbanMaker@v_urban · HelloBaby Inc.
@danil_saliukov Thanks! Sure: you can invite relatives, friends and Snap together. Each Snap can be discussed in a close family circle.
Pavel Holyavkin
Pavel Holyavkin@pavel_holy_avkin · CEO at 5 Minute Coach
@v_urban this feature doesn't work for us:( when I share it via special link - it opens and asks to create a new account with a new baby. Please advice.