BABOOM launches Fair Trade Streaming & Premium Following

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Marco Oliveira
Marco OliveiraMaker@sonicspot · Chief Executive Officer @ MOXY
Hi everyone, I'm the Chief Technical Officer at BABOOM - BABOOM, an artist direct-to-fan platform, is driving a quantum shift in artist empowerment by launching a compelling blend of technological advances and ambitious financial tools targeted towards promoting closer relations between independent artists and fans. Whilst doing so, BABOOM is calling out to independent artists to upload their music at and take control of their content and careers. Looking forward to see your comments!
Derek Shanahan
Derek ShanahanPro@dshan · Three Hex, Cloud Unicorn
This is the music service that Kim DotCom announced in '11 and then left. ( The interface is beautiful (Spotify-ish plus some thrown in). I just don't understand how it'll get a true marketplace of listeners and creators in place, especially as it's so packed with features already. Why launch with such a complete product in a space that's notoriously difficult to get traction in? I can see how a higher revshare would be attractive to artists, I'm just not sure what's appealing here for music fans. Music fans are notoriously lazy and only a sliver of them are altruistic, so why come here when every artist they know is on one of the other major platforms?
Fred Rocha
Fred Rocha@john_fisherman · COO, Memeoirs
@dshan I would subscribe to Spotify Premium if I knew the money went to artists. It doesn't so I don't. Baboom could change this, with time.
Marco Oliveira
Marco OliveiraMaker@sonicspot · Chief Executive Officer @ MOXY
@dshan That's a great point of view. If you look at the industry right now, there is a clear demand for fairer business models. Also, BABOOM focuses on a direct connection between artists and fans. Besides the Fair Streaming Model, which is the most obvious innovation, we have launched Premium Following, which is a financial incentive for artists to promote a closer, more authentic relation to their fans. 10% of every Premium subscription goes to the Pro artists that the fans follow, creating almost like a stable income, regardless of sales or streams. In time we'll see artists invite their Premium fans for a beer, for exclusive shows, anything they come up with. We've made "communicating to Premium fans" a first class feature for artists. Anyone who's not a Premium fan will be out on the inner circle, and missing out on these exclusive experiences. Thanks for your comments!
Jessie Wood
Jessie Wood@jessiewould · Writer/marketer, creator @songstodanceto
I just searched for a bunch of artists and none of them were on there. What's the deal with this? How do you plan to get enough artists on there to make the service worth it? @sonicspot
Marco Oliveira
Marco OliveiraMaker@sonicspot · Chief Executive Officer @ MOXY
@jessiewould We wanted to launch BABOOM the right way, in benefit of the artist. We could have much more easily licensed catalogues and be done with it, but we wouldn't be helping anyone. In the next few months you can expect to see a lot coming from BABOOM to create awareness, and the sheer demand for a fairer business model has already begun to attract trend setters. Stay close, you will not be disappointed!
Inês Silva
Inês Silva@isss111 · Entrepreneurship | Future of Work
Great product and team! @haynes_dave you might want to take a look at what these guys are doing!