Bablic is a new website translations platform which is transforming the face of website localization. Simply paste 1 line of code, and the platform will automatically translate your entire website into a new language, in a matter of minutes. This is just to show the ability to preview your site immediately thanks to machine translation.

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Hi ProductHunters! Welcome to the brand new Bablic 2.0 - our best version yet. Here are some of the new features and fixes in our latest version, most were based on user feedback so this version should definitely make localizing your website easier and more effective: - Customizable language switching widget; Right from our editor you can now completely customize the look and feel (size, colors, labels, position) of our language switching widget. You can even remove it completely if you prefer using text links for example. - Optimized CDN; Bablic now serves all of your translated content through CDN in order to increase performance and lower loading times. - Instant Translation; Pages don't refresh anymore when switching languages meaning translation content is served instantly. No more waiting for a page to reload when switching in between languages. - More Integrations; Thanks to your feedback we've redesigned our helpdesk section and added more integrations including industry leaders such as Shopify, Squarespace, Wordpress and others. - Server Side Integration; Our latest Wordpress plugin includes server-side integration for meta-data which strongly helps with SEO as well as properly sharing translated content on social media sites. - More Languages; Bablic now offers 60 languages with more being added daily. Can't find yours? Simply contact us and we'll add it in a timely manner. - Transparent Human Translation; You can now choose which human translation provider you'd like to order translated content with, right from our user-friendly editor. - 14 Day Free Trial; Completely free 14-day trial now being offered with Bablic 2.0, no credit-card required. - Browser Detection; Bablic 2.0 automatically serves translated content based on your visitor's browser language. There have been more changes but the ones above are the most important and were the most requested. Would love to hear some feedback from this exceptional community. Have any questions or concerns, leave a comment and I'll reply asap. Thank you ProductHunters, and thank you Ben for the submission!
@laurent_sabbah I tested few articles on bablic and it's working nice but saw the Internet user by language stats on your website: I am kind of doubtful on that. Is there any research report or survey you people did for above stats ? or any supporting reference?
@exexzian Hi there, thank you for the kind words! The stats are taken from this study Common Sense Advisory here: https://www.commonsenseadvisory.... - let me know if you have any other questions!
@laurent_sabbah well I see the stats are very drilled down to some good levels like *french people more likely to buy things online in their native language*. However the PDF is published of 2006 that's almost a decade old and now figures might have changed drastically. So, i suggest to look for updated research report.
@exexzian Will do, thank you pointing that out!
@exexzian @laurent_sabbah Id like updated numbers, but these numbers are not surprising. Now that everyone's grannies have iPads, consumer sense applies even more now. Start up people who market towards other tech people are not the norm.
This is awesome! It works surprising well in the translation matter.
@diogopalhais Thank you for the kind words! What's amazing is we let you manually edit/fix translations with just a click, as well as replace images and fix style/css issues that almost always happen when translating a website!
Hey @laurent_sabbah, great looking product. I recently spent a good amount of time testing Localize.js. We're going to wait a few months to push some other initiatives first, but I'm interested to know how your product differs.
@nickmacario Hi Nick! I'd say the main difference is our user-friendly, visual, editor that lets you translate while seeing your site (in-context) as opposed to LocalizeJS where you just approve phrases out of context. We also let you replace images and fix style/CSS issues, I don't believe LocalizeJS currently has that. We're also priced quite differently, our Basic plan is $15/month, they start at $49/month. Thank you for your inquiry!
Is there are guaranteed accuracy level for the machine translation?
@curtprins There are no guarantees in machine translation so it would be interesting to see if they would try.
@curtprins @lynnfredricks We definitely don't guarantee nor recommend the machine translation. The idea is to let users start off with machine translation as a base and then let them manually edit text with just a right-click in our editor. Users can also order professional human translation right from Bablic's editor. I think machine-translation still has a long way to go in terms of accuracy, but some combinations for example English/French, English/Spanish require really minimal improvement so that's a good sign.
Looks interesting, I'll give it a try. As a "langtech" startup (or, what do you say: transtech? locatech?), I thought you might be interested in reading this It is based on this manifesto I co-authored a few years ago. Happy launching!