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Hi guys! I'm actually part of the founding team here at Bablic. This was really unexpected, we wanted to put together a nice landing page with a promotion for ProductHunt users...either way thank you for every single upvote, it is truly appreciated. We've been working hard on Bablic for 2 years and are hoping to make it the most affordable and user-friendly solution to localization. Bablic lets you translate your websites within literally minutes, it just takes adding one-line of code to your website. You can choose from machine translation or professional human translation right from our editor. What's great is even if you start off with machine translation you can manually edit text the machine translation didn't quite get right. You can also edit/replace images and best of all, edit CSS/style with just one-click. That allows you to make sure your website's look and feel stays consistent in all of the languages you choose to offer, no more broken layouts and menus due to words being longer in a certain language. Bablic also has SEO friendly capabilities as well as right-to-left text! All of this is done through our extremely user-friendly editor, you can try it right now by simply entering your URL on our website, works with most if not all of the major platforms including Wordpress, Shopfify, Squarespace, Magento, Joomla, Drupal and so on! I just put together a coupon code, first month free on any plan for all Product Hunters, simply use coupon: producthunt - in the checkout! Would love to hear some feedback, try it out when you have a minute and don't hesitate to ask questions! Thanks again for the feature!
Completely automates the website localization process with a simple line of code. Available with Machine or Professional Human translation. Bablic Works with all websites & devices. Requires no programming, no project management and no alteration to the website's existing Content Management System.
@kwdinc Superb! I could totally use this.
Looks awesome!
@postcarl Thank you, would work perfectly on your site :)