Import your Spotify playlists to Apple Music

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Hey Hunters! I've been working on Babel for a couple of months now, it's my first product in a while so I'm excited to hear what you all think! There are a few similar solutions out there, but nothing really fit my requirements in terms of ease of use and lack of unwanted side effects such as adding all playlist tracks to my music collection. I like the idea of music collection portability, I know this would've made my transition to Apple Music a lot smoother and more enjoyable. I hope it's useful for you guys, let me know your thoughts and what other services you'd like to see added!
@lucasjgordon the logo looks just like stamp lol
@cody_j_flynn @lucasjgordon In fact, is like the logo but vertically fliped.
Why would you want to switch from Spotify to Apple music?
@garytokman I decided to move because a bunch of music I liked was pulled from Spotify, and was available on Apple Music. Since using it I've discovered a lot of new music in the 'For You' section so I'm pretty happy so far!
@garytokman For me, it's the most seamless way to merge my collection of mp3s with the option of streaming new music. For example, I can buy Beyonce's new record and stream it along with the rest of my collection, no matter which device I'm on. I can also upload and stream my entire mp3 collection from any device, even if those songs are not otherwise available to stream.
@lucasjgordon let us know when you're up and running again! a potential use case is to move Discover Weekly playlists over to Apple Music every Monday ;)
@charliesneath I will do Charlie! You're right, I hadn't thought of that. Would it be useful to include the option to have a push notification every Monday to remind you to save your Discover Weekly playlist?
@lucasjgordon that would be awesome! and a swipe-able notification to start the transfer from the lock screen would be the cherry on top ;)
@charliesneath wouldn't it just! I'll add it to the roadmap, keep your eyes peeled!
Does this only import songs that are in playlists, or does it import your Spotify "Saves" as well?
@nadomars hey Mario, currently it just imports playlists, including 'Starred' tracks, but I can certainly add saved tracks in the next update
@lucasjgordon please do! I will definitely buy it then. How are you guys doing this? Since Apple Music doesn't have ISRC codes, are you just checking metadata? How do you deal with inconsistencies between the libraries? E.g. a dash in the Beatles collection on Spotify vs. a colon on Apple Music.
@nadomars currently the best method I can find is to do a search of the iTunes API with the track title and artist. This does mean that some songs aren't returned that either aren't found, or aren't on Apple Music. And there can be issues with different versions of tracks as you mentioned, which is something I'm working to improve. I'm not sure if this is perhaps something that can be achieved with The Echo Nest, I'll have to investigate further. My first goal is to ensure that client is stable, as there have been a couple of teething issues today which is a shame. Then I'll spend time fine-tuning the backend to ensure the best possible matches. I'll keep you posted, thank you for checking it out!
@lucasjgordon hi lucas, after opening app and authentication on spotify side im stuck with this
@samuelspisiak hey Samuel, a few users have reported this and I'm looking into it. In the meantime you may be able to get it working by clearing cookies, otherwise hang tight and there'll be an update out soon!