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Idea is awesome. But, this is not the right time. Two possibilities : 1. This app is very successful. Facebook acquires it for $3Billion. Everyone's happy.End. 2.This app is successful. "Babble refuses facebook's $2.5B deal" "Guys,you know what to do" -zuck "Facebook add two new features to help people socialize better" -TechCruch R.I.P Babble, 2016-2018 .
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sounds interesting... but in this social space, connecting with friends nearby etc there are a lot of alternatives and not necessarily one standout 'winner'. What makes Babble the one to stand out? Whats the big '10x' experience differentiator compared to current solutions? How do you plan to solve the chicken and egg situation here?
@bentossell - great questions. There are many players in the social space, and a growing number in the "smaller network" space, as we'll call it. Your comment on no "standout winner" shows the opportunity. The growth of apps demonstrates the need. People WANT to connect on a closer platform! But there's no consensus on how to do so. We are working tirelessly to secure that spot. Our MVP is designed to bring a user what really matters to them - and to capitalize on what the big social media players are unable to provide. So why us? Here's what makes Babble different. Differentiator 1 - It’s comfortable - There’s never any “should I post this” hesitation because each post only goes to the sliver of your FB network that you intended for it to go. This creates a fun, open space where people share their actual thoughts. So different than the 'who's looking, should I share?' attitude drowning social media today. Ex1: Who’s around on vacation? Share to the public in a 10 mile radius. Ex2: Funny embarrassing story? Share with only your good friends nationwide. Ex3: coffee break in the library? Share with most friends in a 5-block area. The result is everyone babbles their thoughts! What adds to the comfort is you choose a time period for your post to disappear. Differentiator 2 - Connect with people you normally wouldn't. Those in the “middle zone”: A crush. A distant relative. An old friend. Your Babble network changes for each post and in each location. These people are relevant to you in different situations. Babble is designed so you interact with the right people at the right time. Most social communications come in the extremes – the small group chat or the massive Facebook. Babble plays in the middle. It’s ever changing for who you include. Snapchat is a good example of a “middle network” player. But your friend list on Snapchat is fixed and finite. In reality, when you're sharing online, each post requires a different scope and a different group of people. Babble capitalizes on this. To combat the chicken and the egg: We have a targeted marketing strategy. I’ll share part of it. Please message me personally if you’d like more information/have any advice: we’re centralizing around 5 college campuses and 2 major cities. These users here have early-download relevance due to their close proximity to friends and socially active locations. We’re focusing on these areas (not exclusively, however) until there’s cross-network communication among the locations. At which point we expand outward from this nucleus.
@erose0226 do you have user feedback or analytics to validate that your differentiators are problems users face?
@erose0226 just downloaded it. I'd suggest looking at your uisegmentcontrol , specifically your tint color because there's no indication that a section is highlighted. Place icon doesn't make sense to me. I'd look at your post view controller and increase size of text.
Thanks for the hunt Andrew! I am thrilled to present Babble. A more personalized social network. Babble is for you if: 1. You like sharing online, but not with a massive FB network. 2. Have wondered which friends are nearby - in a city, on campus, or at an event. 3. Want to communicate with your “middle network”, people in-between a text and a Facebook post. 4. Are sick of seeing random people on your FB news feed. Benefits, you ask? It’s comfortable – Post whatever, whenever. Your posts only go to the right friends. It’s the perfect size – Letting you connect with friends you normally wouldn’t. It’s convenient – Know who’s around you. Not who you missed. Read more here: How it works: 1. Write your post, whatever your heart desires ("Is anyone going to be in Fire Island this weekend?"). 2. Select who you want the post to go to. "All Friends", "Most Friends", or "Only Good Friends" 3. Choose the geographical distance for your post. Only the relevant audience will see it. 4. Choose how long you want the post to last (each post will eventually pop and disappear). 5. Click send. Enjoy connecting with the right people every time. A comfortable place to communicate, so you can babble freely! Thanks and enjoy!
Love this idea!
So like Path meets Ello? Props for trying to tackle such a brutal space (social networks). How are you competing with say the 30 minutes it would take me to go on FB to tweak my news feed, change my privacy settings, and check their "Users around me" feature?
@evankimbrell Well put, and good question. 1. While the big social players offer ways to tweak your post audience, their features have downsides A. It’s inconvenient to readjust settings (which is why users rarely do it). B. Your audience settings are not specific to each post. You have to change it each time. As you can see in my examples to Ben (above), post requires a different, very specific audience from your network. 2. Facebook’s size works to its disadvantage A. They’re not as agile in pivots and micro needs because they’re catering to such a massive user base. B. As the global archive, their sweet spot is not in making your network smaller and more intimate. You can’t compete with them in certain areas. But in “check-ins” and “locations”, they work at a disadvantage. The day-to-day, on-the fly ‘who’s here’ need is far less utilized than the ‘this is so amazing, who can I stay in touch with and learn about’ need.