BA Apps

Analytics delivered in 10 Days for $10K

Hello Product Hunters, I am Abhishek, co-founder of Digicorp and maker of BA Apps. What is BA Apps? BA Apps offer you beautiful, ready to use “Business Analytics Apps” in a fraction of cost ($10K) and time (10 Days) compared to typical BI / Analytics Platforms. Business Analytics Apps tell stories with data, answer critical business questions, and help you make the right decisions at the right time. Why we created it? Today's enterprises and small businesses have a lot of data in place but most are unable to identify patterns in that data to gain insights and make informed decisions. As a decision maker, you know the questions you need answers for but don’t know which visualizations will help you identify the patterns in data more meaningfully. Also existing BI and Analytics platforms... ...are very expensive and have recurring cost associated with them. They bind you for long-term with uncertain ROI. ...take considerable time to roll out across organization and require special skills to operate, manage and maintain them. ...remain restricted to top management or few select people in the organization as they are very hard to collaborate on. More on that is explained in this medium article Looking forward to hear your valuable feedback. And yes, we are offering a 10% discount to all product hunters till 31st May 2016. So let's make business data beautiful and meaningful, shall we? - Abhishek
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