Simplify your personal and social finances.

Built to help you to be in control of all your personal and social finances.
Sign up in minutes, create a group, split the bill - get paid back later. All with zero fees while travelling abroad!
Join us while we build the social bank of the future.
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Hi everyone! B-Social was initially built because our founders found it frustrating trying to get their friends to pay them back for things - hands up if you've ever had this issue? 🙋But now we're so much more, take a look and let us know what you think!
Hi hunters, We are very excited to be here! Organising group trips, house shares and couples expenses are a pain. Let's face it. Now B-Social is here to solve these issues. B-Social was built to make managing money between friends easy and to remove the anxiety and quite frankly make settling up easier. Spending and sharing money has exploded with technological innovation. This combined with zero fees and unlimited ATM withdrawals at home and aboard makes B-Social your perfect companion. Since our launch, we’ve seen thousands of customers enjoying our app and beta debit card to spend abroad and manage both their personal and social finances. We are currently live in the UK for our beta debit card and you can use groups anywhere in the world! Looking forward to hearing your feedback and the questions you might have!
Well, with many companies offering similar services, it's kind of hard for potential customers to create yet another e-bank account....
@anna_0x One of the things that's unique with B-Social is that you don't have to open another account in order to use the app. If you or some of your friends don't want another account/card you can use the app similar to any other bill splitting app (e.g. Splitwise) via manually tracking group expenses. It will help you to see who owes who, e.g. after a holiday. And to get the most out of it, if you get B-Social cards you can pay each other back directly in the app and will also benefit from unlimited free cash withdrawals and zero fees abroad.